Maypole G3 Krono Car Roof Box - 230 Litre

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The G3 Krono 320L Roof Box is the perfect way to add extra storage space to your car. With a capacity of 320 litres, it can easily accommodate all of your gear for your next road trip or camping adventure.

Full Details

Maypole G3 Krono 320L - The Ideal Car Roof Box for any Camping or Caravanning Trip!

This sleek and stylish roof box with ample storage space is constructed from tough thermoplastic PS material, designed to withstand the elements and keep your camping, holiday or road trip gear safe during transit.

Measuring in at 132cm in length x 74cm in width x 37 cm in height, this roof box offers ample storage space with a maximum load capacity of 50kg. Multiple fixing holes provide flexibility for varying roof bar centres, and the central locking system with a single latch ensures maximum security. The aerodynamic shape of the box reduces wind noise and drag, while twin dynamic spring struts stabilize the lid when open.

Installing the G3 Krono 320L Roof Box is a breeze, as no tools are required. Simply use the U bolts and T-bolts supplied to fit the box to your roof bars, and use the lashing straps provided to secure your load inside. This product is City Crash Tested and TUV-approved, giving you peace of mind while you hit the road.

Krono 320 Litre Roofbox Features

  • Maximum Load Capacity 50kg
  • Stylish & sleek grey finish
  • Constructed from tough PS material
  • Multiple fixing holes for varying roof bar centres
  • Central locking system with single latch
  • Aerodyamic shape
  • Easy to fit with no tools required
  • Twin dynamic spring struts, stabilises lid when open
  • U bolts & T-bolts are supplied to fit the box to roof bars
  • Supplied with lashing straps to secure load inside
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • City Crash Tested
  • TUV approved