Alde Premium Glycol G13 Heating System Antifreeze - 1L

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Keep your heating system in optimum condition with Alde Premium Glycol G13.  1 Litre of ready-mixed glycol antifreeze protects against frost and lubricates the system for increased service life 

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High Quality Antifreeze for Caravan & Motorhome Heating Systems

If the boiler is your heating system's heart, then the glycol is its blood. Alde Premium Glycol G13 Antifreeze not only protects against frost but also takes care of and strengthens the system for increased service life.

Ready-mixed glycol is specially adapted for your Alde heating system and handles temperatures down to -37 °C. Besides antifreeze and a protective layer against corrosion, it lubricates the circulation pumps and contributes to preventing bacterial growth in the system. Alde Premium Glycol G13 provides sustained protection and only needs to be changed every 5 years. Otherwise glycol should normally be changed every other year.

  • Frost protection down to -37 °C
  • Facilitates circulation and ensures a comfortable and balanced heating system
  • Corrosion protection – forms a protective film on the inside of the system
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Lubricating effect for circulation pump etc.