Haba Leisure Battery Box - Up to 110Ah

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The Haba Caravan & Campervan Leisure Battery Box is designed to securely store leisure batteries of up to 110Ah capacity. It is made from polypropylene and fibreglass, and comes with a vented cover, securing strap, mounting brackets, and screws.

Full Details

Haba Caravan & Campervan Leisure Battery Box is the perfect solution for storing batteries up to 110Ah securely and safely. Crafted from durable polypropylene and fibreglass, this battery box is built to withstand the rigours of campervan life and is the ideal accessory for holding leisure batteries safely in transit and at the campsite.

Featuring a vented cover, securing strap, mounting brackets, and screws, this battery box provides comprehensive protection for your leisure battery, ensuring that it remains firmly in place and that any fumes are properly ventilated. The box also insulates the battery terminals, safeguarding them against damage and ensuring that your battery stays in top condition for longer.

The box is also designed to protect the outer casing of your caravan leisure battery, and in the case of any leakage, collect any spilt acid or water. The battery box comes with a movable internal spacer allowing it to hold smaller batteries without the battery rattlign around or shifting inside the box

Why Use a Battery Box?

A battery box is an essential component of a campervan's electrical system as it securely holds the battery in place and protects it from getting damaged due to vibrations, heat, or moisture. It also prevents the heavy, often lead and acid filled, battery from moving freely in the event of an accident. Additionally, the battery box helps in keeping the battery's terminals protected and prevents any accidental short-circuits. A battery box also makes it easier to connect the different components of the electrical system, such as the inverter or solar controller. Having a battery box in a campervan ensures that the electrical system is safe and reliable, providing power to run various appliances and devices on-the-go.

Battery Box Size & Capacity

Internal Dimensions:

  • 405mm Length x 190mm Height x 175mm (base) / 200m (top) Widdth
  • 200mm Width (Narrows to 175 at the base)

External Dimensions (At Widest Points):

  • 463mm Length x 243mm Width x 255mm Height (including lid)