Mains Polarity Tester Plug

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Simply plug the Mains Socket Tester into a 13amp socket and the Mains Tester will check the following: neutral connections, earth connections, reversal of live/earth connections, non-connection of either live or neutral.

Full Details

The W4 Mains Socket Tester is an easy-to-use diagnostic tool for checking any UK 13-pin mains socket outlet. When plugged in and the socket switched on, it will indicate if the socket is functioning correctly, if there is no earth connection, if the socket is incorrectly wired, or if the live and neutral polarity is reversed.

The Socket Tester is particularly useful when touring in your caravan or motorhome in Europe, where it is not uncommon to find campsite hookups with a reversed polarity. The W4 Socket Tester will quickly indicate if this is the case, allowing you to swap the polarity in your mains connection lead if necessary. Some regular caravanners carry a spare short lead with a reversed polarity along with this tester, to allow the polarity to be corrected as it enters the caravan without needing to use any tools on arrival.

  • Specification: 240volt AC.
  • For use in 13amp outlets to BS1363.