Outwell Blossburg Footprint

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A Footprint Groundsheet is an optional extra that you can purchase for your awning. It is usually made from the same material as your awning sewn-in groundsheet. The reinforced PVC polyester layer sits between the base of the awning and the ground. It will be the first thing you put down before pitching the awning which acts as a base to stop you getting muddy and wet when kneeling down.

It will keep the groundsheet of awning clean and will help to protect it from abrasion and damge. It should be entirely covered by the awning to prevent rain from being channeled under the floor.

Full Details
  • Keeps the groundsheet of your awning clean
  • Help protect from abrasion and damage
  • Provides insulation from the cold ground
  • Helps prevent rain from being channelled under the floor
  • Cut to fit the groundfloor of the tent
  • Pegs for fixation included