Seeview Omnidirectional HD 360 LTE TV Antenna

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Neat and compact omnidirectional aerial for reception  over 360 degrees with no need for signal finding and antenna alignment when arriving on-site. Can be fitted to an aerial mast or to caravan, motorhome, campervan or boat roof with the mounting base supplied.

Full Details

The Seeview TV aerial is easily installed and can be mounted to a mast (not included) or to the leisure vehicle's roof with the mounting base that comes in the kit. With a modern appearance and a high performance, the Seeview antenna is capavle of receiving the weakest signals. The high-sensitivity electronic amplifier receives signals with a low noise level. 4G and 5G filtering guards against interference from mobile phone and internet activity.

The amplifier is powered by either 12/24 volt DC with the plug supplied or 240 volt AC mains voltage via the included adapto

  • Antenna Size: 30cm diameter x 16cm height (including mounting base)
  • Omni aerial
  • 5 metre coaxial cable & 2 connections
  • 12/24/240 volt amplifier with twin outputs for TV/Radio
  • 30mm support for mounting to roof or mast
  • 1m coaxial cable for TV connection