Spyra Base Heavy Duty Ground Anchor - 400mm

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400mm long ground anchor for awnings, tents and security - the anchor peg affixes firmly and deeply into the ground to give a heavy-duty tethering point

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Spyra-Base ground anchors are the ideal heavy duty screw-in awning peg system for larger awnings, marquees and larger tents with heavy canvas. Securing firmly and deeply into the ground they also provide a quickly-installed security point on-site for locking generators, bicycles and other equipment.

The Spyra Base ground anchor can be rapidly deployed and removed by using a simple tightening bar - or use the specially designed Spyra-Base brace, saving time and labour and reducing the need to bend down whilst tightening or removing the peg.

Lloyds British tested in wet ground conditions the 400mm holds to 325kg with a weight of 1.2.kg.

The 400mm Universal ground anchors provide extremely tough anchorage and are made up of three key parts.

  • The top U bolt which penetrates the base plate and is spot welded from underneath.
  • The Spiral is attached to the underneath of the base plate by as continuous seam weld on both sides of the spiral.
  • The spiral when fully inserted compresses the base plate to the ground, the combined elements create an extremely strong and durable design, to hold in worst case ground conditions