Sunncamp Arco Air 300 Sun Canopy for Caravan and Campervan

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The Sunncamp Arco Air 300 Sun Canopy provides flexibility and appeal, with dual beading, roll up zip front panels, two air storm bars, and pump. Ideal for caravans and campervans with awning rail connection height from 220cm to 265cm.

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Easy to Pitch Inflatable Sun Canopy for Caravan and Campervan

The Sunncamp Arco Air 300 Sun Canopy makes the perfect addition to your caravan, campervan or motorhome for those occasions when you want a space to relax outside your vehicle but don't need a fully enclosed awning. This high-quality sun canopy for caravan and campervan touring is designed with flexibility and style in mind, featuring roll-up zip front panels and a canopy option for added versatility. Designed with dual beading of 7.2mm / 4.2mm to suit the two different sizes of awning rail, this canopy shelter is perfectly suited for all your camping needs.

The Arco Air 300 Sun Canopy is also equipped with vertical storm pole pockets and includes two air storm bars, making it ideal for use in all weather conditions. With an ideal height range of 220cm to 265cm and a depth range of 240cm, this sun canopy can be pitched on a range of caravan, campervan and motorhome sizes. The sun canopy can also be fitted to awning rails higher or lower than the ideal range due to the curved profile - if fitting to a higher rail, the depth will be reduced and vice-versa.

This inflatable sun canopy awning is easy to set up and take down, and with its lightweight construction and compact pack size of 80 x 26cm, it's easy to transport and store. The approximate weight of 8.5kg makes it easy to handle and perfect for those on the go.

Arco Air Caravan Sun Canopy Features

  • Dual beading 7.2mm / 4.2mm
  • Roll-up zip front panels with canopy option (poles optional extra)
  • Vertical storm pole pocket
  • Includes 2 x Air storm bars
  • Includes pump with pressure gauge and dump valve
  • Height range: Ideal 220cm to 265cm with 240cm depth but will fit higher or lower (with compromised depth)
  • Depth range: Ideal to be pitched at 240cm but can be greater or lower
  • Approx pack size: 80 x 26cm
  • Approx. weight: 8.5kg

* Use with a campervan or motorhome requires an awning rail or fitted aftermarket wind-out blind. The 7.2mm beading on these canopies allows fitting to most UK caravans and the 4.2mm beading allows fitting to most motor caravans in conjunction with a fitted rail or aftermarket wind-out blind. This canopy will fit campervans with a corresponding rail size.