Super-B Versatile Bike Cleaning Kit

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The Super-B Versatile Bicycle Cleaning Kit is a handy, comprehensive set of chain cleaner and assorted brushes for cleaning your bike at the end of a ride, or as part of your regular bike cleaning & maintenance routine at home.

Full Details

Super-B's bike cleaning kit for mountain bikes and road bikes comprises a set of assorted brushes to shift dirt and grime from your bike frame and moving parts, helping not only to keep your bicycle clean but also to keep gears and brakes in tip-top condition. Packed in a handy netting bag, this cleaning and maintenance kit is perfect for keeping at home or for taking along in the car to clean a bike down after a ride on the trails.

This bike frame and chain cleaning kit comprises:

Bike Chain Cleaning Machine

  • Super-B TB-3208 Chain Bath for deep cleaning of your bike chain without the need to split it or remove it from the bike
  • Suitable for use with most bicycle chain degreasers

Dual Sponge/Bristle Bike Cleaning Brush

  • A sponge brush that works well on bicycle frames or other places with dirt and debris

'O' Shaped Bike Frame Brush

  • A bristle brush with flexible 'O' shape ideal for slipping over bike frame tubes, wheels and tyres etc.

Tapered Bristle Brush

  • A bristle brush with tapered end ideal for working dirt and grime from narrow spaces

Folding Gear Cassette Brush & Scraper

  • A folding brush for cleaning bike freewheels and sprockets
  • Deep bristles for cleaning in between cogs
  • Plastic toothed scraper for removing dirt and grime buildup from between sprockets