UK Car Sticker - Oval

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Vehicle sticker for British registered cars, caravans, motorhomes and other vehicles travelling anywhere within Europe outside of the United Kingdom.  This sticker replaces the old 'GB' Sticker previously used until September 2021 and is necessary for use on vehicles from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland travelling into continental Europe.

Oval, 12cm high x 17.5cm wide approx

Full Details

Following new rules in place since 28th September 2021, old style GB plates must be removed or covered up when travelling abroad, the GB marker being no longer valid after 111 years of use.

The new UK designation must be displayed in place of the GB letters, with vehicles displaying the older designation risking being denied entry to some countries.

This new UK national identifier should be used in place of GB stickers, also any number plates with the GB designation should be replaced or amended.

If travelling in Spain, Cyprus or Malta this UK sticker must be displayed even if you have a number plate with the Union flag and UK marker.