Yello Slick Corp 33" Bodyboard - Blue or Green

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The Slick Corp 2 bodyboard is perfect for younger teens and kids. It's made of lightweight XPE foam and can accommodate riders up to 47kg. The board comes with a wrist leash to keep it secure after wipeouts. It offers flexibility and strength with its shock-absorbing material and smooth finish, allowing you to easily manoeuvre and take on swells for a wild but controlled ride.

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Kids / Teens Bodyboard with Leash - HDPE Slick - XPE Deck

Comes in Blue or Green (Colour Preference Cannot be Guaranteed)

With its 33” XPE bodyboard, younger teens and kids can now enjoy the waves with ease and comfort! This bodyboard is made of XPE foam, allowing it to be lightweight and easily manoeuvrable. The board is suitable for a rider weight of around 20kg to 47kg.

The Slick Corp 2 bodyboard comes with a wrist leash that attaches to the rider and the board, to ensure that the board isn't lost after a wipe-out.

This XPE deck bodyboard brings the perfect combination of flexibility and strength with its shock-absorbing polyethylene material and superior smooth finish. The lightweight and flexible design allows you to easily manoeuvre across the waves and take on swells for an exhilarating ride.

Yello Slick Corp 2 Kids & Teens Bodyboard Features & Specs

  • Ultra stiff bodyboard with HDPE slick - lightweight & great accelleration & speed
  • XPE Deck - a great wave riding option perfect for beginners
  • EPS Construction - Constructed using high-density EPS foam for a buoyant core
  • Bodyboard Leash - attaches to the user
  • Suitable for larger waves - for use under adult supervision
  • Suitable for a rider weight from 20 to 47 kg