Yellowstone Camping Accessory Kit

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Ensure you're fully prepared for any tent emergencies with the Yellowstone camping accessory kit. This essential kit includes a plastic mallet, peg extractor, spare guylines, guyline runners, tent pegs, and tent elastics, all neatly organized in a convenient carry pouch. Perfect for camping enthusiasts.

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Be Prepared for Any Tent Emergency with Yellowstone's Essential Camping Accessory Kit

The Yellowstone camping accessory kit is the ultimate solution for any tent emergencies you may encounter while out in the great outdoors. With essential tent spares neatly packaged in a convenient carry bag, you can rest easy knowing that you have everything you need to handle any minor issues that may arise.

The kit includes a durable plastic mallet, perfect for securely and easily hammering in tent pegs. Additionally, a peg extractor is included to effortlessly remove pegs when it's time to pack up and head home.

To ensure your tent remains securely pitched, the kit includes three spare 8-meter guylines and ten spare guyline runners. These high-quality accessories will keep your tent stable and secure, even in adverse weather conditions.

For added convenience, six flat tent pegs and six round wire tent pegs are included. These sturdy and reliable pegs will keep your tent firmly in place, even on uneven or challenging terrains.

To further simplify your camping experience, six tent elastics are included. These elastics are essential for securely attaching your tent to the pegs and guylines, ensuring a taut and stable shelter.

All of these essential items are enclosed in a practical wrap-around carry pouch. This pouch features individual pockets for each accessory, making organization and accessibility a breeze.

With the Yellowstone camping accessory kit, you can feel confident and prepared for any tent mishap that may come your way. Upgrade your camping experience with this comprehensive and convenient solution to minor tent emergencies.

All the essential tent spares easily at hand in a roll-up organiser pouch

  • Be prepared for any tent emergency with the Yellowstone camping accessory kit
  • Includes essential tent spares such as guy lines, pegs, and runners
  • Handy plastic mallet and tent peg puller included for easy pitching and packing away
  • Comes in a convenient wrap-around carry pouch with individual pockets for easy organization
  • Perfect for camping trips and outdoor adventures

Camping Accessory Kit Contents

  • Plastic mallet

  • Peg extractor

  • 3 x spare 8-metre guylines

  • 10 x spare guyline runners

  • 6 x flat tent pegs

  • 6 x round wire tent pegs

  • 6 x tent elastics

  • All enclosed in a wrap-around carry pouch with individual pockets