Choosing Your Ideal Campsite

Choosing a campsite may seem like an easy thing. I mean, aren’t all campsites the same? But there are still some things to consider so you get the perfect campsite for you.



There are lots of campsites to choose from in the UK, so deciding on what kind of location would suit you can help you narrow it down. If you like exploring new places, you should look for somewhere close to cities or towns so you don’t have a long drive before getting to where you want to go. The outdoor enthusiasts might prefer to be closer to the wilderness and any trails so they can quickly jump on their bike or throw on their hiking gear and venture off into nature. Or you might want to just have a relaxing holiday and be close to the beach.

Even if you aren’t going on holiday for a while, thinking about what you’ll want to do whilst there can help narrow down your campsite search.



Not all campsites are exactly the same or offer the same facilities. A lot of sites don’t offer facilities like toilet and shower blocks for you to freshen up, so you will have to take that into consideration and be prepared or choose one that does offer toilets and showers. Some campsites may also not have any on site entertainment (especially in winter months), like swimming pools, restaurants and play areas which can be essential for some.

Just like thinking about what you want to do whilst on holiday, thinking about the facilities the sites have to offer can also help to whittle it down to only a hand full of sites that are ideal for you.


Specific requirements

Something that might not be for everyone is thinking about if you require anything specific. Will you be bringing a pet with you? If so, you’ll need a site that is pet friendly – surprisingly some aren’t. if you are coming as a family with children, you’ll have to look for a child friendly site that has lots of fun activities to keep the kids entertained. Or if you want a nice quiet holiday with no children, there are plenty of campsites that are adults only.

Certain sites also only allow certain types of camping, caravanning or tents, so you’ll have to look into whether you can book somewhere that suits your method of camping.


You should also ask any family and friends for some of their campsite recommendations, so you know exactly what you are getting.