Hot Weather Safety For Pets

With temperatures soaring currently, it is important to not only keep yourself safe, but also your furry friends. As your pets can’t tell you that something is wrong, it is important for you to learn how you can avoid any harm happening to your pets.


Provide shade and water

Whether you are at home or enjoying the sun somewhere else, you need to make sure your dog has access to shade outside and inside (if possible). Keeping them out of direct sunlight will help keep them cool and prevent them from overheating. If you struggle to find somewhere outdoors in the shade, you can always invest in a parasol that you and your furry friends can sit under to keep cool.

Also make sure that your dog has access to clean, cold, fresh water. Avoid them drinking from a stream or river when out and about, and instead bring a bottle and bowl they can drink from.


Walks and exercise

One thing you need to be cautious about is taking your dogs for a walk. During hot weather, they can quickly overheat, get heatstroke, or burn their paw pads. To keep your pets as safe as possible, aim to go for walks in the early morning or late evening when it is cool. Also avoid pavements if possible – they can get very hot and burn dogs paws. If dodging pavements isn’t possible, put your hand on the ground to check if it is hot. If its too hot for you, it will be the same for your pets.


Keep them cool

Dogs can overheat quickly, especially flat-faced breeds like pugs, so you have to make sure you keep them cool. Whilst leaving them in the shade can help with this, there are other measures you should take as well. You can set up a paddling pool or garden sprinkler to cool them off in the sun and entertain them at the same time. If they are sat in the shade, you should try to put them on a cooling mat or damp towel to prevent them from overheating.


When it starts getting warmer, you should also try to regularly groom your pet to get rid of any excess, matted or knotted fur. This will not only keep them cool, but also stop them from bringing any dirt inside the house.



It may sound like a nice idea to take your pets on a walk in the countryside, to the beach, or just get them out the house, you need to make sure where you are going is dog-friendly. A lot of places don’t allow dogs, so you are better to know beforehand so you can plan. You should not leave your dog in the car on a hot day, even with a window open, as cars quickly heat up in the sun. Instead, plan ahead so you know if you should leave your furry friend at home or look for somewhere dog-friendly.


Signs of heatstroke

One of the most common health issues with pets during the summer is heatstroke. This is where they get too hot and are unable to lower their temperature. Whilst you can give them lots of cold water, leave them in the shade, and set up a paddling pool for them, sometimes they can still overheat. Here are the signs you should look out for if you think the have heatstroke:

  • Heavy panting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Glazed eyes
  • Vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Lethargy/lack of consciousness

If these signs do occur, contact your vet immediately.