Choosing Your Perfect Tent

You may just think that picking a tent is as easy as choosing one in a shop and off you go. In reality, a little more thought has to go into it if you want it to best suited to your needs and last.


The different types

There isn’t just one type of tent. There are lots of different ones to suit everyone’s needs. At Premier Camping, we stock:

  • Family tents – bigger tents designed for family holidays]
  • Inflatable tents – easy to set up with an air frame system. Simply pump it up and you’re ready to go
  • Backpacking tents – more suited for hikers as they are small, lightweight and easy to pitch up
  • Pop-up tents – exactly what it says on the tin



Tents don’t just come in a one size fits all. When looking for a tent, you must consider how many people you’ll be needing it for and pick one that best suits your needs. We recommend always going for bigger than what you need, so it sleeps extra people, so you have extra room for any equipment.

You will also have to consider the tent floor length, especially if you’re over 6ft so you aren’t cramped. Look for a 90-inch floor length, if possible.

And if you are wanting to stand up in the tent, you will need a higher peak height to accommodate you.


Additional features

Depending on the tent type and brand, they all offer additional features to make your trip as easy and enjoyable as possible.

If you are camping when it is wet and rainy, you will definitely benefit from a rainfly. These are a separate waterproof cover designed to fit over the roof of your tent. Not only do they protect you and your tent from the rain, they also help to retain heat – perfect for cold and wet holidays.

When looking to share a tent with a group of people, you may also want to think about how many doors your tent has. Instead of just having one way to go in and out of the tent, opt for ones with multiple exits and entrances so you don’t have to climb over people when nature calls.

On sunny camping holidays where the weather is hot and humid, ventilation is key. All tents are fitted with mesh panels on the roof and/or sides to help manage condensation. If you are going camping when it is hot, make sure to go for a tent with bigger mesh panels to help with ventilation.