Tent Carpets: What Are They? And Why You Should Get One!

Tent carpets. A tent accessory you may not have even realized you needed. Until now.

A tent carpet it exactly what it says on the tin – a carpet for your tent. They fit perfectly snug in your tent and can even be used in your awning as flooring. But why should you get one?


For comfort

When living in a tent, it can get quite uncomfortable constantly walking and sleeping with just a thin piece of tent between you and the ground. With the help of a tent carpet, the ground will be more comfortable to walk and sleep on. They are also especially helpful if you’ve set up camp on slightly uneven terrain.


For insulation

Camping in a tent can get cold, even during the summer month. And if you are just in a tent with no insulation, it will soon get a little chilly. With no layer between you and the bottom of the tent, the cold will seep through to you, but with a tent carpet, it works as a barrier.


For peace and quiet

Walking through a tent can get quite noisy, especially during the night. It is just a sheet of plastic after all. But, just like an ordinary carpet, tent carpets muffle the sound so you don’t have to worry about waking anyone up when nature calls in the middle of the night.


For a homely feel

When spending time in a tent, especially if you are new to camping, it can often feel alien. You’ve gone from being in your home to living in a small, four-walled plastic sheet and it can be difficult to feel at home.

However, with the help of a tent carpet, you can make your tent feel more luxurious and homely, and less like you’re living in a plastic bag.