How To Decorate Small Spaces For Christmas

Christmas is coming quick and most of us are getting ready to decorate our homes with all things festive. However, not everyone has tons of space to fill with every kind of Christmas decoration ever made. If you don’t have a lot of space but still want to decorate for the festive season, we have five ideal options for you.

Artificial Trees

When we think of a Christmas tree, we most likely think of a 6ft giant that takes centre stage in the room. However, if you live in a flat or small house, you may have to downsize a little and opt for a subtler tree. And for that, you have two options – a slimmer tree or a miniature tree.

A slimmer tree is a great alternative for if you have a bare corner of the room but not enough space for a standard tree. They are just like any other artificial tree, but they are thinner, so they don’t take up as much room.

Usually around 45cm tall, miniature Christmas trees are perfect for filling a small empty space on a shelf, side table or flat surface.

Wall Decorations

Do you have a any blank walls in your home? Wall decorations are perfect to fill those spaces without adding clutter or taking up floor space. If you receive a lot of Christmas cards from your loved ones, card display holders are a great option for you. Not only do they save space on other surfaces, but they also add a simple festive touch to your room.


One of the easiest things you can use to decorate your home is fairy lights. With so many options to pick from, you can easily find a set of Christmas lights that fits your need. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for wrapping around your Christmas tree, photos frames and mirrors, or used as a trim around the room. Not only do they make a room look a little more festive around Christmas time, but they also make the room feel cosier – perfect for autumn and wintertime.

Table Décor

Table centerpieces are also a great way to subtly decorate your dinner table or coffee table without taking up too much space. From table wreaths, candles, and figurines, there are lots of options for you to choose from for your home. They are also easy to move if you need more table space, unlike other decoration options.


A decorating go-to when the festive season swings by is filling your garden with as many inflatables and covering the outside of your house with as many lights as possible. But what if you only have a small garden, or have no garden at all?

Despite having limited space, there are still lots of options for you to make your home’s outside look as festive as the inside. Outdoor lights and illuminated ornaments are the perfect way to some festive cheer to your home’s exterior, especially if you lack space in your garden. From icicles to strings, from rainbow to white, there is something to suit everyone. Whilst you are limited on how you can use icicle lights, because of the shape, string lights are more versatile. They are ideal for running around the edge of your house, windows and front door, and perfect for wrapping around trees and shrubs for an added twinkle. Garden stakes are also great for lining your garden or sticking in a plant pot for a subtle touch of Christmas.

If you live in a flat or have no garden at all, a wreath would be the perfect option for you as they require no garden space at all! Just simply hang your chosen wreath on your front door and you’re sorted.

With the help of these five Christmas décor ideas, you’ll be able to dress up your house with all things festive no matter the size.