Jacket Buyers Guide

Summer is slowly coming to an end, taking the glorious weather with it, and leaving the rain behind. With the weather changing, its time to start swapping out your summer wardrobe for lots of layers. And the best place to start is with jackets.

There are lots of jacket styles out there which can make it difficult to work out which would best you and your needs. With them also tending to a little expensive, you want to make sure you are investing in a jacket that is perfect for you.

Premier Camping have a range of jackets and coats to offer, but what are the differences?

3-in-1 Jackets

As the name suggests, this type of jacket offers three options in one – a waterproof outer layer, integrated detachable fleece, and both layers together. Thanks to the various ways you can wear it, the 3-in-1 jacket is perfect for days when the weather can’t make its mind and throughout autumn and winter.


Waterproof Jackets

Another jacket style that is exactly what it says on the tin is a waterproof jacket. Made with a waterproof coating and taped seams, a waterproof jacket provides maximum protection from the rain and snow. A waterproof jacket is great during any activity or in your daily life.

Insulated & Down Jackets

Insulated and down jackets provide the most warmth compared to other jacket styles. This is because they are filled with down and feather insulation (synthetic in our case) which helps with heat retention. However, once they become wet, they start to lose their insulation properties making them a poor option in wet weather, but great on dryer days.

Softshell Jackets

If you’re wanting to stay but also not have to carry around a heavy coat, a softshell jacket is the perfect option. They combine waterproof technology with a lightweight fabric which is ideal for everyday use.

Packaway Jackets

A jacket that is great for everyday use is a packaway jacket. They provide excellent protection from wet weather making them perfect for not only day-to-day use but also on days out exploring. Just like the name indicates, a packaway jacket easily fits into your backpack or bag – ideal for unpredictable weather.  

Bodywarmers & Gilets

One of the most versatile jacket styles is the bodywarmer or gilet. Not only can they work as an outer layer in the autumn, but they are also great as a mid-layer in the winter under a waterproof coat. As well as being versatile, the sleeveless design offers warmth and practicality simultaneously.

Now that you know what each type of jacket is and what it is good for, you are sure to stay warm and dry when autumn and winter roll around.