Top Tips For Camping In The Rain

Summer is in full swing but that doesn’t mean the cold and wet weather has gone away.

Now that summer is here, its time to dig out and dust off the camping gear and head out on an adventure. But just because its summer doesn’t mean the cold and wet weather has gone away. And just because the forecast has given you the all clear doesn’t mean it won’t rain.

So, what should you do so you aren’t caught out when camping in bad weather?

Check your equipment

Something you should get into a habit of doing before every camping trip is checking all your equipment a few days before you leave. Look out for any broken parts, rips and tears, and replace the tent if it is unrepairable. Also check that your tent is fully waterproof for protection against the rain.

Pack extra equipment

Whilst away on your trip you may end up needing a few extra bits of equipment. Packing extra tent pegs will come in handy if you need to secure your tent more in any bad weather. They are also useful to have in case any tent pegs break. Taking an extra groundsheet with also be helpful when you want to stop the floor of your tent getting wet. Simply place on underneath your tent and one side to create protective barriers against any rain.

Ventilate your tent

One thing you don’t want in your tent is condensation and the best way to prevent it is by opening your tent vents. This helps the air circulate and keeps your tent from getting damp – perfect for a warmer night sleep.

Bag it up

If it does happen to rain, the last thing you want is to mix your wet and dry clothes together. The best thing to do is to pack bin bags and carrier bags so you put your damp clothes straight in and away from your fresh, dry clothing.

This is also perfect for when it comes to packing away your wet camping gear.

Indoor and outdoor clothes

Sticking with keeping the inside of your tent clean and dry, you should change out of your outside clothes before going into your tent. Not only will this help with keeping your tent condensation free, but it will also help keep you warm.

Pack waterproofs

A no-brainer when it comes to mixing camping and the rain is packing your waterproofs. This doesn’t just mean you should pack your waterproof coat. For maximum protection from the rain, a waterproof hooded jacket, trousers, and shoes are the best thing to pack for your trip.

Wipe your feet

Nobody wants to sleep in a dirty tent and the best way to keep your tent clean is a door mat. Simply place outside your tent or awning entrance, wipe your feet and enjoy a dirt-free tent.

Bring extra lighting

Even though it may be summer, the mornings and evenings can be a little dull when it is raining. why not brighten up the campsite with some extra lighting. Lanterns and torches are perfect for lighting the inside and outside of your tent on those dull, rainy days. Make sure you pack some extra batteries, so you aren’t stuck in the dark.

With the help of these top tips, you are sure to have a successful camping trip in the rain.