Top 5 Winter Essentials For Kids

Winter is in full swing, and that means it’s time for one thing – wrapping up. But whilst most know the perfect way to keep ourselves warm, what about children? What are essential for kids to wear?

Base Layer

The best place to start when looking for ways to keep your child warm in winter is with a base layer. Made from a moisture-wicking material, base layers help remove any moisture and insulate using your own body heat making them perfect for keeping your child warm and dry.

Available as long-sleeved tops and leggings, base layers are perfect for wearing under multiple layers for added warmth and protection.

Waterproof Coat 

Something that seems like a no-brainer is a coat. But you need to make sure it ticks boxes for maximum protection when in the rain and snow. Especially when dressing your child. The best option for a winter coat is one that is waterproof, not water resistant, so you are protected from all wet weather conditions. You should also opt for kid’s winter coats and jackets that have a hood. This provides them with additional protection from any cold winds and rain, keeping them warm and dry. 


If you have toddlers, one thing that can be a life and time saver in the winter is a snowsuit. Designed as an all-in-one, snowsuits cover your child from head-to-toe and are perfect for keeping out the cold. Most snowsuits are also padded for extra protection and warmth and are made from waterproof materials to keep your toddler dry no matter the weather.

Despite the padded, insulating design, snowsuits fit perfectly over normal clothes making them a great option when going out for the day.


Whilst what clothes your child wears are important for protecting them from the winter weather, their footwear is also just as important. Along with things like their hands and ears, children’s feet are one of the first things to go cold, so you need to ensure that what they have on their feet will protect them.

Wellies are a great option for winter, especially when you have children. Easy to slip on/off, waterproof, soles with grip and they add a fun element to your child’s outfit. They are particularly handy for younger children!

For older children, walking boots are an ideal option. They tend to be more comfortable than wellies and are specially designed to offer support and extra grip on slippy surfaces.


The final cherry on top of the cake is a hat. From beanies to a chullo style hat, knitted hats are great for keeping your child’s head and ears protected from any cold winds. They also provide some protection from rain and snow to keep your child’s head warm and dry.