Top Tips For Hiking With Kids

Hiking can be a lot of fun, even if you bring the kids along. You just need to make sure you’re prepared and take extra things into consideration. After all, hikes are a great way to tire your kids out for the day!

Pick the right route

Children only have little legs, so they won’t be able to tackle certain routes as easily as an adult could. That’s why you need to pick a suitable route for everyone. Trails that aren’t too steep or long are a great place to start. Also look at if the routes have places to stop for a break, any toilets or cafes – these will be a life saver when you need an emergency toilet break. Also keep your hikes interesting by choosing a trail with lots of things to see, whether that be nice views, lakes and ponds, or animals and wildlife. These are perfect for keeping your children excited and interested in the walk.

Take a backpack of essentials

Make sure you’re prepared for anything with a backpack full of everything you may need. Always make sure you have a first aid kit packed just in case of an injury or emergency. Food and water are also important to pack, especially on long hikes or in the summer, to ensure that your children are hydrated and not hungry. Other essentials include any spare clothing in case the weather changes, and lightweight raincoats to keep your kids dry when it rains.

Correct clothing is key

One thing you don’t want is for your child to be cold and wet whilst on a family hike. To ensure they stay dry and comfortable, you need to make sure they have weather and activity appropriate clothing on. In winter and cold months, layering is key for your children. A simple base layer, fleece, and coat will work perfectly at keeping your child warm and cosy. For the summer, lightweight and airy clothes like a t-shirt are perfect for keeping your kids cool. A lightweight, waterproof jacket is also important in warm weather in case of any rain.

Footwear is also incredibly important for keeping your children comfortable on a hike. Your children should wear a pair of walking boots to prevent any blisters or injuries and provide comfort when they walk.

Keep a steady pace

Compared to you, your children will need to walk at a slower pace and take their time. So, its best to stick to a constant pace that is slow enough for them to keep up and won’t quickly tire them out. Having a slower pace will also allow you to all enjoy the views and enjoy the hike a lot more.


Stop when you need to

Whether it be to catch your breath, have food, or a toilet break, its more than likely that you’ll need regular pitstops when hiking with children. To make sure you have somewhere to take a breather, you should research the route before hand to check if they have any toilets, cafes or places to sit and take a break. That why, you won’t struggle to find somewhere for the kids to refuel and regenerate.