Why You Need a Camp Kitchen Stand

When putting your list of camping equipment together there's one item that makes a world of difference to mealtimes, and that's the camping kitchen stand! Whether you're solo or lightweight camping off-grid, or pitching a huge family air tent on a large camping site, when it comes to preparing your meals some form of work surface is essential, unless you're a fan of blades of grass floating in beans!

Your camping kitchen stand doesn't have to be fancy - if you're keeping things simple then a low camping table makes a perfect stove stand for camping without fuss - giving a worktop to chop and prepare food on before popping the stove on top, holding it steady and level for efficient and even cooking.

If you're camping with family or a larger group, a larger cooking table stand really comes into its own, making cooking and food prep as easy as it is at home - giving you the space that you need to whip up a real feast - just the thing after a long day out!  When you've been exploring the outdoors, when you get back to base, camp kitchen stands allow you to prepare a hearty meal for nourishment and warmth. With cooking work stand height similar to that of your home kitchen worktop, you can stand comfortably with everything to hand rather than kneeling and stooping to a stove on the floor.

Many camping kitchen stands feature at least a lower shelf to keep pots and pans stored neatly, keeping your tent living area tidy and all your cooking equipment clean and off the floor, whilst other deluxe models include zip-up larders with multiple shelves and mesh doors to keep creepy-crawlies and bugs out - perfect for storing foodstuffs as well as kitchen utensils and cookware.

A good feature to look for is a wind shield - some cooking stands include an aluminium guard that sits around your stove whilst others might have a hinged lid that lifts to serve the same purpose - whichever you choose, a camping kitchen stand with windshield keeps the stove flame constant and prevents it from being blown out when on a low flame keeping food warmed. A shield also helps protect and deflect heat from tent or awning walls although you can buy stove windshields separately that can be used with most folding kitchen units.

Once you have used camp kitchen stands to prepare your meal you'll never want to go back to cooking at floor level.  You can shop for camping kitchen stands in our camping store online or our camping shop in Sheffield