All The Essentials To Help You Survive A Festival

Summer is here and so is festival season. Download, Parklife, Glastonbury, Tramlines and many more will be plaguing our summer. And with many people flocking to the various festivals, we thought we would create a list of all the essentials you may need to have an enjoyable time.



One of the most obvious essentials, especially for those who are staying at the festival overnight, is a tent. Whilst it is ultimately down to you what kind of tent you take; it will inevitably get broken or damaged. So, you may be better off using an old tent, or buying an inexpensive one.

When looking for a suitable tent for a festival, aim for one that is lightweight and easy to pitch. Also choose one that sleeps one or two more people than you need. This will give you more space for your belongings and for you all to sleep comfortably.


Rain Mac

Even though festivals tend to be in the summer, it doesn’t mean the weather will always be hot and sunny. If the weather turns wet and rainy, the last thing you want is to be caught out. So, you’re better off being safe than sorry by packing a rain mac or poncho just in case the classic UK weather makes an appearance.

Rain macs and ponchos are perfect for festivals as they are lightweight and easy to pack into a bag, and they are made from a thin material, so you won’t get too hot.


Bum Bag

Whilst out enjoying the many acts that are on during the day, you may want to take a few things along with you. Bum bags are perfect for securely carrying all your necessities. Whilst they may seem small, bum bags are can easily fit your phone, money, and any mini toiletries you may need.

Unlike a backpack or general handbag, bum bags can be more secure as you can keep them on the front of your body, so you always have an eye on your belongings.


Portable Charger

Whilst camping in a field at a festival, you won’t have a plug socket. Solution? A portable charger. If you are camping for a few days, you will inevitably need to charge your phone and a portable charger is the best way to keep your phone battery topped up.

They are small and compact – perfect for fitting in your bag without taking up too much space.


Spare Clothes

Festivals aren’t the cleanest of places and you will get dirty quickly. If you don’t want to go all day until you go to sleep caked in mud, make sure to pack spare clothes. That way, on particularly sweaty or dirty days, you have a fresh set of clothes to change into.

Make sure to also pack extra shoes because they will get covered in mud, drinks and food.



If you choose to camp overnight at a festival, you won’t be able to have a shower to wash off the day’s dirt and sweat. Instead, you will need to pack a few toiletries to help you stay fresh. Deodorant and baby wipes are ideal for feeling refreshed when a quick shower isn’t available. As festivals tend to be in the summer, sun cream is essential to stop you from going home burnt to a crisp – even if it was cloudy. The one toiletry you will 100% benefit from is toilet rolls. After all, you don’t want to be caught out in in the porta-loos. 

Earplugs and Eye Mask

It goes without saying that after a long day of drinking and dancing all you will want is a good night sleep – not something that is easy in a field with loud music and rowdy crowds. A pair of earplugs and an eye mask will be your new best friend. Earplugs are ideal for blocking out any unwanted noise for a peaceful sleep. As it is summer, you will be woken up by the sun at the crack of dawn, but with an eye mask you can shield yourself from the early morning sun.


With the help of these essentials, your festival experience will be a little bit more bearable.