Summer Camping Checklist Essentials

The weather is getting nice and warm, perfect time to venture off on a camping trip. But the heat, bugs and pollen can soon put a downer on your holiday under the stars. However, with these seven items on your camping checklist, you can enjoy your trip away without any worries.


  • Summer sleeping bag – to keep you cool on a summer’s night
  • Cool box – for keeping your food and drinks cold and fresh
  • Sun cream – so you don’t get sun burnt
  • Bug repellent spray – to protect you from any pests
  • Citronella candle – for bug and fly free meals
  • Portable barbecue – so you can keep the summer grilling going on holiday
  • Antihistamine tablets – to help keep the hay fever at bay


With the help of these seven essentials, you are sure to have an enjoyable and comfortable camping trip.