Beginners Cycling Essentials

When new to any kind of hobby, it can be difficult to know exactly what you do and don’t need. And it’s the exact same with cycling. Here is our list of essentials you need to get you going…


One of the most important essentials you need when first starting out on a bike, especially if you are riding on roads. Helmets are designed to keep your head protected in case of a collision or if you fall off. Which you will do. Many times.



You will also benefit from investing in some good quality bike gloves, especially in the warmer and colder months. Bike gloves are designed with added padding to cushion your hands when riding over an uneven track. They also help with grip – perfect for when your hands get sweaty.


Bike shorts

Something you might not think is essential but are, are bike shorts. Whilst you can get away with wearing whatever bottoms you feel like wearing, bike shorts will be a lot more comfortable. They come in two styles, baggy or body hugging, but both have padding to cushion the parts of your body that make contact with the saddle.


Bright coloured clothing

One thing you definitely want, especially when night riding, is to be seen. And a good way to do that is with your clothing. When looking for clothes to go cycling in, opt for bright colours so you are more visible on the trail. If it is night cycling you are interested in, still opt for bright colours but also make sure they have hi vis strips on them so you can be seen with lights by other road users.


Cold weather attire

Lovely warm and sunny weather isn’t always a guarantee when out on a bike, even during the summer months. And a t-shirt and a pair of shorts aren’t always great at keeping you warm. Instead, you should invest in a few items of clothing to keep you warm when the temperature drops.

Try swapping out your cycling shorts for some tights. These are great at keeping your legs warm and wont snag on your bike chain like ordinary trousers. Base layers are also a good shout for regulating your body temperature and keeping you insulated against the cold.


Water bottle and cage

Hydration is always key, especially when out cycling. But it can get annoying constantly stopping for a drink when you want to keep going. Instead, invest in a water bottle and a cage that fits to your bike frame so you can easily access it whilst riding.



When cycling in the dark, one of the most important things you need are bike lights. Not only will you be able to see where you are going, they will also keep you safe when on the road as other road users will be able to see you clearly.

When choosing lights, go for one for the front and back of your bike, and then also one to attach to your help. Also opt for flashing lights as you will be seen easier by others.


Puncture repair kit

No body wants to get stuck with a puncture and not have anything to repair it with, especially biking novices. So, make sure you are prepared and pack a puncture repair kit and also learn how to repair a bike tire.