Trail Running for Beginners

Meet the steeper sister to your standard running, trail running. But what exactly is it?

Trail running is just like usual running, but it is done off-road on trails and through woodlands on uneven ground. It can go from one extreme to the other – one minute you could be on flat ground, the next you could be running down a steep hillside.


If you are new to trail running, you should invest in some good quality walking or hiking trainers. Unlike normal running trainers, walking trainers are designed with extra grip and support for walking over uneven terrain.

As difficult as it may be, you should try to look ahead and not at your feet when running. Just like you would driving, when looking straight ahead, you can easily spot any dangers or hazards that you need to avoid.  Looking forward also helps with your balance, so remember. Don’t. Look. Down!

Just like any form of exercise, trail running has lots of benefits. Not only is it fun and enjoyable, it can be more scenic than your usual jog on the pavement, so you are less likely to get bored. With regards to your fitness, trail running gives your body and mind a workout and despite it being on hard ground, it is less strenuous on your body than running on a road or pavement. Seems like a winner to us!