Biking In Bakewell - Monsal Trail

Monsal Trail. The all-round ideal route for biking beginners.

Constructed from a section of the Midland Railway line, Monsal trail is a flat 8.5 mile trail that runs from Blackwell Mill in Chee Dale to Coombs Road in Bakewell, straight through scenic Peak District hills. And thanks to its railway history, Monsal Trail is a perfect for any biking skill level as it is completely flat – ideal those who like speed, those who like distance, and those just starting out.

Not only is it great for all kinds of cyclists, its also great for those who fancy a walk in the wilderness. Although the cycle path is a straight run from one end to the other, there are plenty of different routes for hikers to take, whether that be the usual trail or venturing off into the Peak District hills.

The main route, Monsal Trail, is filled with not only scenic views, but also many landmarks which are perfect for marking your distances. Along the full trail you’ll go past the Headstone Viaduct, Cressbrook Mill, Litton Mill and lots of old railways tunnels which make great shelters from the rain and the perfect place to cool down. There are also a café a on each end of the trail for you to stop off and refuel.

 The Coombs Road entrance is only a 15 minute walk from Bakewell, perfect for if you want to spend the whole day out exploring not only the wilderness, but also a beautiful historic town.