Tips For Hiking Newbies

No matter the weather, hiking is a great option for anyone and everyone who enjoys the great outdoors. But what if you’re new to hiking? If you are a novice, we have a few tips to help you get started.


Start small

Nothing says that you have to conquer Mount Everest on your first hike. Choose a smaller trail and gradually work your way up to conquering the big hikes. It’s all about choosing the right trail for your level of fitness. If you have low stamina, choose a shorter, flatter route and push yourself to go further each time. And with some perseverance and patience, you’ll soon be able to tackle any hill, peak, or mountain you set your eyes on.


Familiarize yourself

It can be a little daunting going on your first hike, especially if you’ve not been to the area before. Before going, try to familiarize yourself with the route. Look on Google Maps or an actual map (yes, they still exist) and get to know where the best places are to stop for a break, as well as where the trail leads to.


Check and prepare for the weather

You can never trust UK weather, so you are better off preparing for the worse. That means, wearing a couple of layers and packing some extras too. Make sure to take a lightweight waterproof jacket to protect you from the rain. You may also benefit from taking a spare t-shirt and socks in case you get wet. This will prevent you from getting cold in wet clothes.


Pack the essentials

One thing you don’t want when you are trying to tackle the different terrain is a heavy backpack, especially when you aren’t well-acquainted with hiking. To make your bag lighter, only pack the essentials. Check out our list of essentials here and make sure you don’t overpack.


Correct footwear

When hiking up a trail, you want to be as comfortable as possible. And for that, you need good quality walking shoes or boots. Unlike your usual trainers, most walking boots are waterproof and will prevent your feet from getting wet. They also have added support to help you avoid twisting your ankle, getting blisters, and other foot injuries. Compared to other shoes, walking boots offer the exact comfort and support you need to enjoy your hike without foot pain and injury.



Pace yourself

No one is sat timing you when you are hiking and there is no rush to get to the end and back, so why not just take your time. If you rush to get to the top or finish the hike, you are more likely to cause an injury and not enjoy yourself. If you take your time, you can prevent injuries, and take in your surroundings more. After all, most hiking trails have plenty of scenic views that you can admire whilst taking a break.