Christmas Camping Gift Guide

Are you struggling to pick a gift for a friend or family member? Do they love camping? We’ve got you covered. After all, camping is our specialty!  So, what do you get for someone who is camping crazy?

Backpack chair

When camping, you are most likely also going to go on a hike or walk and need a backpack. You almost definitely also need a camping chair, unless you plan on sitting on the floor around the campfire. Meet the Jubilee Backpack Chair

They make a perfect two-in-one present and are great for if you want to pack light. The Jubilee Backpack Chair also features a 1.8 litre, fully insulated cool bag to help keep your food and drinks cooler for longer.

Sleeping bag

An essential for any camper is a sleeping bag whether they are a child or adult. And whilst they are perfect for keeping you warm on a camping trip, they are also great to use at home in the colder months.



Cool box

If the person you are buying for is the type of camper that doesn’t stray from the campsite for meals and goes completely off the grid, a cool box would be a perfect option for them. With varying sizes, you can choose one that is suitable for any length of trip to keep food cold and fresh.



If your present recipient is also a lover of hot drinks, a flask is a great gift idea for them. Perfect for keeping any tea, coffee, soup, etc., hot, they are ideal for taking on a camping trip or everyday use.  With lots to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect flask whether it be with a handle for easy carrying, or a built-in cup lid to save space.


LED head torch

There is nothing worse on a camping trip than when nature calls in the middle of the night and you have to fumble around in the dark. Solution? A head torch. Whilst an ordinary handheld torch would also make a great gift, a head torch allows you to be hands free whilst also lighting up your path. LEDs are also great at providing a long-lasting bright light so you can clearly see where you are going.



Warm socks

It wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t gift a pair of socks. And if the person you are buying for is a lover of camping, they will definitely need some socks to keep their feet warm and dry at night and whilst out adventuring.


Hand warmers

A great stocking stuffer idea, especially for those who are always cold or enjoy camping in the winter, is hand warmers. Activated when exposed to oxygen, hand warmers are perfect for popping in your coat pocket or sleeping bag for up to 10 hours of extra warmth.


Camping themed tableware

Whether it be to take on a camping trip, or to use at home, a set of camping themed tableware is an ideal way to add a little fun to a present and the dinner table. From plates and bowls, to glassware and mugs, from glass to acrylic, there is plenty for you to choose from.