Top 10 Winter Staycation Essentials

For those who don’t want to stay in whilst the winter passes by or those you don’t fancy jetting off to a sunny, Covid-safe location, a winter staycation is the perfect idea. Whether you are after an activity filled break or some time to relax, there are plenty of places to choose from. But no matter where you choose, there are some essentials that will make your winter holiday more enjoyable. So what do you need for your UK winter break?


If you are going to be outside all day in freezing cold, you may greatly benefit from investing in some thermals. Thermals like long johns, leggings and vests are a great way to ensure you stay warm whilst out and about in the wet and cold. Specially designed to keep you warm, thermals trap and use your own body heat as insulation making them perfect at heat retention.

 Waterproof jacket

An essential not only for your winter staycation, but for the whole season is a good quality winter jacket. For protection against the cold and wet weather, something like a waterproof down jacket will be your best option at staying warm and dry.

Hat, scarf, and gloves

Not only are they a good winter accessory, but they also play a part in keeping you warm. Extremities like your fingers are the first to go cold when left exposed and whilst you may keep your hands in your pockets, that only goes so far in keeping them warm. A pair of thick, waterproof gloves are a great way to keep your hands warm and dry whilst outside.

One thing you may not know is that most of your body heat escapes from your head. And whilst a coat hood might work at keep some heat in, you can’t fully rely on it keeping you warm forever. For ultimate heat retention, a good quality fleece or woollen hat is perfect for insulating and keeping you warm.

Something that is often overlooked when it comes to wrapping up warm is a scarf. After all, it doesn’t do much. Wrong. Scarves are a great way covering your neck, mouth and ears that would otherwise be left exposed to the cold.

 Correct footwear

If you are planning on going on a hike or trek through the wilderness, having a pair of waterproof walking boots will make the whole experience more enjoyable. Not only will they keep your feet warm and dry whilst out in the rain or snow, but they are also specially designed to tackle the difficult terrain you’ll face on a hike – giving your feet full support. Whilst some walking boots and shoes can be on the pricier side, you don’t need to spend a fortune for a good pair. You just need to make sure that they are waterproof and have good grip on the soles. 


Along with your usual toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries, there are a few more you should pack as well to keep you covered. First, a lip balm. In winter, not only is it cold but also the air is dry which can cause your lips to crack from lack of moisture. Best solution, a lip balm. You should also pack some sun cream in with your toiletries and make sure to apply it every day. Whilst the sun may not be out and the weather is cold and miserable, you can still get sun burn and need to protect your skin from UV rays.

Heat packs

If you struggle with being cold, even after wrapping up with every layer possible, heat packs are the next best thing. With lots of different types to choose from, there is a heat pack for everyone – adhesive backed ones to stick to clothing, small compact ones to put in your pocket, etc.


Thermos flask

Only a main essential for those going out and doing outdoor activities is a thermos flask. If you are out in the cold all day, a thermos of tea, coffee, soup will help to keep you warm. Flasks come in all different sizes so you can choose a smaller one just for you, or a larger one if you are in a group.



Portable charger

It might not be an essential for everyone but having a fully charged portable charger to hand can be very useful if you are in the middle of nowhere with a phone with low battery. You never know when you’ll need to phone for help. Better to be safe than sorry!


A torch

An essential that you might not need, but is good to keep on hand just in case, is a torch and spare batteries. Whilst most mobile phones are equipped with a torch built into them, it is a lot safer, and less expensive, to use a torch instead. Best to fall and break a torch than your phone.



Whilst you may be packing a first aid kit in case there are any accidents or injuries, you should also include any medication for if you get ill whilst away. Packing things like cough sweets and syrup, and dissolvable cold and flu medication is ideal for if you start feeling under the weather.