How to Get a Good Night's Sleep Whilst Camping

Getting a good night sleep can be difficult times, even without adding camping into the mix. So how do you make sure you get as good of a nights sleep as possible?


Invest in good quality camping bedding

When looking to kit out your tent, opt for a high-quality sleeping bag and pillows to keep you warm and comfortable at night. Instead of going for the cheapest, you should shop around the find bedding that is best for your and where you are camping.

If you want a comfortable night sleep, you should also think about getting an air mattress or camp bed. Aftera ll, they are a lot more comfortable than the floor. Just make sure to measure your tent space before buying your bed so you know what size to get.


Take ear plugs and an eye mask

Camping in the great outdoors may seem like a really peaceful and serene idea, but it can actually be quite noisy. If you are a light sleeper, sleeping with ear plugs in will help block out any noises during the night. If you’re also camping during the summer, it may be a good idea to take an eye mask to block the early morning sun.


Choose a good spot to set up camp

When you arrive to the campsite, you should try to pick a spot that is as flat as possible, is on soft grass, and isn’t uneven terrain. This will help you feel more comfortable whilst trying to get a good nights rest. If it is a busy campsite you are staying at, you should also try to set up away from everyone to minimize your exposure to the noise.

Do you tend to get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet? If you do, you should try to find a spot close to the campsite toilets so you don’t have to walk as far and can spend more time sleeping.


Use a hot water bottle

It is easier to fall asleep when you are warm and cosy, than freezing cold, so find warmth wherever you can. Before going to bed, make a hot water and take it back to your tent. This will help keep you warm, especially on colder nights.


Have a nice cup of tea

If you do struggle to fall asleep, you should try having a cup of tea before bed. As a normal cup of tea has lots of caffeine in it, you should opt for chamomile, lavender or peppermint as they have relaxing properties and are proven to help you fall asleep.

Avoid big meals in the evening

Instead of having a big feast of a meal in the evening, try going for a smaller meal so it isn’t as heavy on your stomach when you want to go to sleep. You should also try to eat a few hours before going to sleep so you have time to digest.

On the topic of what to avoid, you should avoid having any caffeine or alcohol as it can interfere with your sleep.

Follow your normal routine

Routine is key when trying to get a good nights sleep whether you are at home or in a tent. A regular routine helps to prep you, your body and mind for sleep, so try to keep it whilst away from home as much as possible. If you go to bed at a certain time, do the same whilst camping. And if you get up at a certain time at home, set an alarm so you wake up at that time when away.