Insoles And Why They Are Your New Best Friend

When buying shoes, one thing you may not think you could need is a set of insoles. However, even if you think you don’t need them, insoles have lots of benefits to help you have maximum comfort and support whilst wearing a pair of shoes.


Improves shoe fit

If your shoes are too big, you may suffer with uncomfortable rubbing, blisters, etc. However, if they are only slightly too big, insoles can help stop your feet from moving about in your shoes for more comfortable wearing.


Increases arch support

Shoes are made are made in standard sizes to suit as many people as possible. But, not all feet are the same. Some have higher arches, some lower. Some are wider, and some are narrower. And because of this, shoes aren’t always the perfect fit for everyone. Using insoles in your shoes can help add arch support for extra comfort and to reduce pain.


Prevents injuries

Constantly on your feet? Whether it be walking or running, you may start to suffer with injuries like shin splint, plantar fasciitis, or sprains. This is because your feet absorb the shocks from the ground which can have an impact on your legs. Solution? You guessed it. Insoles.

They add an extra layer of cushioning that will absorb the shocks from your feet hitting a hard surface. This will help prevent any exercise injuries and support any pre-existing ones.

Keeps feet warm

There are different types of insoles you can get, one being thermal insoles. These are a great option if you suffer from cold feet or have poor circulation. Thermal insoles help to insulate your feet to keep them toasty warm no matter what you have them in.

So, insoles are all round a great choice if you want maximum comfort when out and about or off exploring.