Three Easy Outdoor Activities To Start In 2022

With the start of a new year, many people may want to take up a new activity to get themselves out an about. But, it can be difficult to start a new hobby when you have very little spare time. However, there are a couple of outdoor activities you can take up in the new year that are easy to fit around your busy schedule.


An outdoor activity you can fit into your life quite easily is going for a walk.  They don’t have to be really long and can simply just be going for a stroll around where you live. You can even venture out on your lunch break at work if you don’t have a lot of time outside of your work life.


If you fancy more of a challenge and want to push yourself, hiking is a great option. With hiking trails, they tend to be steeper and more difficult terrain which makes the activity a lot more challenging compared to going for a walk. They also tend to take longer than a brief walk, so they are best reserved for a weekend or day off where you can take your time exploring the wilderness.


The easiest option to fit into your schedule is cycling. Not only could you go for a short ride in the morning or evening, or a longer ride on a weekend, but you could also use it to commute to work or even to meet friends at the pub.  

Cycling is also better for your legs as you aren’t walking/running on a hard surface. Its also the perfect form of exercise for solo or family trips with people of any skill level – just pick a suitable route. 

All three of these options are a perfect way to get yourself out of the house and get some fresh air. They are also great at alleviating stress, improving mental health and are an easy form of exercise. Going for walks, hikes and bike rides are all perfect ways to explore your town, city even the country. And you can do them all whenever you want whether its daily, weekly or only a couple times a month.