Taking Care Of Your Down Jacket

At Premier Camping, we have a wide selection of down jackets for you to choose. With men’s and women’s jackets from top brands we have got you all covered. But what exactly is a down jacket?


Down jackets are traditionally made with goose or duck under feathers to insulate and keep you warm. They make great insulators as the fluffiness of the down creates lots of tiny air pockets to trap warm air and retain heat. Although they are traditionally made from ethically sourced feathers, there are synthetic versions available which are usually cheaper, heavier and easier to clean.


As down jackets can be a little on the expensive side, its important to get the most out of them and take care of them. And the best way to do that, is by washing them properly.


Before washing

If your jacket isn’t overly dirty, you can get away with just brushing off the dried dirt with a brush or dried cloth. However, if you do need to wash it, make sure you empty the pockets and zip it up. This will prevent anything left in the pocket from damaging the coat and will help the coat keep its shape.

Also make sure to remove any detergent left in the washing machine. Biological detergents, often used to wash clothes, can damage the feather insulation, and ruin the coat.



When it comes to washing a down jacket, it is rather simple. You just need to check the label. And if you’re still unsure, your safest option is to wash it at 30o on the gentlest setting and only use non-biological detergent. This will help prevent any damage happening to your jacket.

Once washed, if your jacket is still soaking wet, put it on a low spin cycle to remove excess water.



There is no specific way to dry a down jacket, it just depends on what you prefer. If you don’t have a dryer available, you can just use a radiator. But make sure to give it a shake when fully dry to redistribute the down fibres.

If you do have a tumble dryer, make sure to use the lowest heat setting possible and check on it regularly – it may dry quicker than you think.