Top 4 Rain Essentials For Kids

With autumn just around the corner, the wet and rainy weather that comes along with it can quickly put a dampener on any outdoor adventure plans with the kids. However, just because it is raining outside, doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. You just need to be prepared.

Whether it is just a quick stroll or jumping in puddles, you want to keep your children as warm and dry as possible, especially when the weather turns cold and windy. After all, the last thing you want is moaning and whining kids!


Waterproof jacket

One type of rainwear that is a definite essential for children is a waterproof jacket. They are the perfect item of clothing for the autumn/winter season and are great at keeping your kids warm and dry. When looking for a waterproof jacket, you should make sure that it is waterproof and not water-resistant. Jackets that are water-resistant will only protect you in light rain conditions, not in heavy rain or snow.



Waterproof trousers

If you are constantly out in the wilderness with your family, your children may benefit from a pair of waterproof or rain trousers. Just like an ordinary pair of trousers but made with waterproof material, rain trousers are an ideal way to keep your kids dry, especially if they enjoy jumping in puddles. And because they are made from a waterproof material, they are easy to wipe clean when they are dirty.

You can also get waterproof trousers that feature an elasticated waist for easy pulling on and off and fit perfectly over normal clothes.


Rain suits

After full, heat to toe protection? Rain suits are your best option. Essentially jacket and trousers sewn together, a rain suit is the perfect all in one for staying dry. Rain suits are also designed to fit over your clothes as an extra waterproof layer, good for if you plan on stopping off for a bite to eat!



No rainwear essentials are complete without a pair of wellies. They are a staple when the heavens open. They are a perfect wet weather shoe for kids as they keep their feet warm and dry and are easy to slip on and off unlike laced walking shoes.



With the help of these four essentials, your kids will stay nice and dry whilst out exploring the great outdoors