Taking Care of Your Tent

Is your tent not lasting as long as it should? It is probably down to how you store it.

Whilst the easiest option may be sticking it in the garage or a cupboard until your next camping trip, you may end up damaging it. So how exactly should you store your tent?


Dry it

Whenever it comes to storing your tent, you need to make sure it is completely dry first. If it is still wet or damp, it can cause mildew and make the tent smell – not what you want when you next come to use it. the moisture can also damage the tent’s waterproof coating – another thing you don’t want.

If you are packing up your campsite in wet conditions, make sure to hang your tent in a non-carpeted room like a garage until it is dry.


Clean it

If you have any marks on your tent like mud, bird droppings, or tree sap, you’ll also need to give your tent a clean. Instead of putting it in the washing machine, you can just use cold water and a mild, non-detergent soap and spot clean the dirty fabric. If you have any tree sap on your tent, let it dry then spot wash it with an alcohol-based product like wet wipes and antibacterial gel.

To make your zippers run smoothly, use an old toothbrush to remove any grit stuck in it.


Store it

Now that your tent is clean and dry, it is time to store it.

Instead of stuffing it all in the carry bag it came with, you should keep it loose by using an old pillowcase or a mesh bag instead. This will let the tent fabric breathe and relax. Storing your tent pole and tent separately will also help stop any damage happening to the tent.

To reduce tension in the poles, leave them partially assembled to prolong the life of the shock cord. If you don’t have the space to do this, you could also break the poles down starting in the middle and working your way outwards to evenly distribute any tension.

Once it is all packed away, you should find a cool, dry place to store it until you next need it. Avoid hot, damp places like a basement, attic, or car boot as this will make it smell and damage the fabric. Places like a garage or cupboard are perfect cool places to keep your tent.